Reason for Geek Freak

I get tired seeing “trading” websites that are misleading people to give their hard earn cash. You are guaranteed to see these fake websites by doing any kind of search that is related to the stock market and to day trading. I want to share with you what I have personally discovered that will help you expand your knowledge so you can add or subtract to your methodology or make a new one that works for you.

Our Story

Geek Freak started out as a business selling cellphone accessories such as batteries, chargers, drones and computer cases. Geek Freak did not really take off because I held a full time job with the state. I was able to officially retire at 50 so I asked myself what did I really want to do when I retire? I could either continue to work on my seo and try and sell these products or I can finally learn to trade like I have been wanting to for the past twelve years but couldn’t find the time. I knew I had to focus on one thing and put all my energies towards becoming successful at that one thing.

I felt trading was the low hanging fruit and my desire to learn was still there after all these years. So I started learning to trade about a year before my retirement date. I paper traded for about six months before I started using real money. I learned from a few mentors focusing first on penny stocks then realizing that I need to be home during the day to trade the fast trading penny stocks. I then started trading Binary Options which gave me more freedom during the day to trade, but soon realized that day trading was still hard to do at my state job and swing trading was a better fit. I found myself making day trades that I shouldn’t at work because my break was only fifteen minutes so I would enter a trade and wouldn’t be able to keep track of it like I should. I even tried a robot with a small amount of capital and eventually soon lost that money. I am still learning and now that I will be retired in 2018 I can devote all my time to learning to not only be consistent but successful.

So I decided to keep the name Geek Freak and apply it to my trading business. Now I guess you can call me a Geek Freak Trader because I like some things that are geek anyway.


Feel free to check out our website and see which mentor may work for you. Remember there are plenty of free videos from each mentor but if you want to learn more from them you can then sign up for their services.